Friday, April 1st, 2022-Instagram Take Away!

Spiritual Discipline

On Friday, April 1st, 2022, we spoke with Brige’tte Starrgate @thestreetpriestess (Instagram) the topics was Spiritual Discipline.

This was a topic worth discussing. Bridge’tte dropped so many gems during this beautiful meaningful conversation. Spiritual discipline first begins with acknowledging that we are made in the likeness and images of the creator and that we create the life that we desire.

Another way to establish Spiritual discipline is by denouncing and disassociating with the things we were taught to us in our early year's, some of those teachings were used to control and discourage us from tapping into our selves.
We discussed the upcoming 3 locations retreat (Shake that shit off) hosted by Internal Growth and Wellness where Bridge’tte will be one of the presenters.

To view the live, please click here.
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