Divine Sol Empowerment was designed and created to help others live a balanced life. I use my experience as a Life coach, Reiki Master, and Healer to relate to my clients and aid in discovering new possibilities that would lead to abundance and success in life.  I will help you tap into your full potential to accomplish your goals. Then, I will coach you to bring those fantastic qualities in alignment with your goals and bring a strong sense of purpose and oversight to your everyday life. My methods help clients discover their true selves, desires and manifest their dreams.

Vision Statement
Divine Sol Empowerment is the peace we deserve, the love of self, the inner strength, the mental and spiritual balance we need.

1:1 Coaching 

The desired goal of 1:1 coaching is to ensure that clients reach their desired goals. Together we will discover all you hope to accomplish in all aspects of your life and take the necessary steps in the right direction. 

Whether it’s finding the career of your dreams, figuring out your life purpose, finding yourself, learning how to deal with loved ones, how to attract love and positivity, or any other deeps desires: together, we will make sure we accomplish it. 

"My Truth Is" Workshop

I created this workshop because I went through a challenging period and had to look at myself; I felt broken and stuck. Honestly, I felt like I was drowning my sorrows and realized that I had to face some things to stop these events from reoccurring.  I have always done for others and figured that good fortune would come upon me if I lived a righteous life. But, the Truth Is, I was a coward and played life very small because I did not want to rock the boat, even though the ship was not stable.  I was too scared to face my Truth. LEARN MORE