My name is Petra and I am originally from the island of Trinidad. As a young girl, I watched both my parents work with their hands to develop crafts that brought joy to themselves and others. My creative inspiration comes from them, my dad made natural jewelry and medicine that brought healing to my brothers and sisters, as my mother made clothes and lotions.

Petra’s Divine is just that, a blend of healing and joy made with love, to give to others.

My daughter has severe eczema, fortunately, I inherited my mother’s ability to make lotions and knew how to help my daughter. It felt natural for me to help her, to heal her in this way. Her condition compelled me to want to create a product that soothed her outbreaks and kept her skin protected.

As a mother, all we want is to help our children, the same way our mothers helped us. I created Petra’s Devine for her and began to share my product with other relatives and close friends. It soon became clear that there was a demand for my lotions and that I needed to learn more about natural products and essential oils.

I have always felt that my calling was to help bring joy and healing to others, I joined the army as a medic and left the military as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I hold a Master’s in Public Health, and I am also a Master Reiki Practitioner.

I was introduced to crystals and natural jewelry by my father. I watched him put his jewelry together and was amazed by how people reacted to his creations.


I understand more than ever now, now I have experienced how others react to my creations. Making jewelry brings peace to my soul and every piece I create; I create with love and purpose. The natural jewelry I have created is yet to be duplicated, each piece is custom made and created with a special purpose. I am thankful for my parents for all they have taught me, for all the help that was given to me, because today and forever on Petra’s Divine is here to help and to heal.

      Founder & Designer