Diving Into the Shadows Bracelet
Diving Into the Shadows Bracelet

Diving Into the Shadows Bracelet

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The class of revelation is more like it. I attended the Diving in the Shadows class hosted by Coach Mayet (Internal Growth & Wellness).  I had many reservations about attending the class, but my spirit kept nudging me, so I paid for the course.

Diving in the Shadow was revealing because the things I believed I overcame resurfaced. The blessing was attending this class gave me the tools needed to address these past hurts in a positive and uplifting way. I was able to recognize and address the blocks that stopped me from being progressive. Self-love is needed when seeking your truth and the things that hinder us; this is encouraged and reinforced throughout this course.

I created this bracelet because it encompasses the course. I started with three crystal beads Moonstone, Labradorite, and Garnet, but Amethyst keeps coming up. On the last day of the course, I came to a full knowledge as to why these crystal beads had to be used. As I said before, this class is revealing.

Below is the meaning of each crystal beads.


Represent new beginnings. This stone is associated with the inner goddess and helps one discover their authentic part.


Is the stone of transformation. It brings about balance and protects the aura.

Garnet. The stone of passion and sexual pleasure. It also brings about prosperity and abundance.


It is the stone of spiritual protection and purification. Give strength when making changes with emotional needs.