My Truth Is Workshop


"My Truth Is" Workshop

I created this workshop because I went through a challenging period and had to look at myself; I felt broken and stuck. Honestly, I felt like I was drowning my sorrows and realized that I had to face some things to stop these events from reoccurring.  I have always done for others and figured that good fortune would come upon me if I lived a righteous life. But, the Truth Is, I was a coward and played life very small because I did not want to rock the boat, even though the ship was not stable.  I was too scared to face my Truth. 

Today, I smile because facing my Truth has freed me from so many events and situations that played out in my life. I still have those limiting thoughts from time to time, but those thoughts no longer linger. I have tools that are used to overcome those thoughts. One of the methods used is acknowledging the view and then releasing it to the universe.  Using some tools I have discovered, I have learned to love myself most beautifully, face my Truth and freed myself. My greatest Love is ME. When I think of the song the Greatest Love by Whitney Houston, I always think of myself. I am no longer looking for the greatest Love outside of me.  I know that I am Love, divine, and always connected to Source. 

"My Truth is" Workshop Upcoming Series 

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